Good Friday – Seven Words from the Cross

This is a version of a contemplative service often conducted on Good Friday between noon and 3:00 pm (the hours during which the sky grew dark as Christ suffered on the cross).

The Seven Words are the seven statements Jesus spoke from the cross. The service is set up in seven different videos consisting of two minutes of instrumental music, followed by the Scripture reading of one of Jesus’ statements, a 5-7 minute devotion on the statement and a verse of a new hymn on the Seven Words which will be included in the upcoming new WELS hymnal.

You can choose to use these worship resource in any number of ways including:

-watching all seven videos in a row like one church service, either using the two minute music introduction for time to contemplate our Lord’s willing death on the cross for us or to pray or simply skip through the music to the next message.

-another option would be watching each video individually scattered throughout the day on Good Friday or spread out between the hours of noon and 3pm.

May the Lord bless your worship this Good Friday as you consider that this day of our Lord’s cross and death is indeed Good, for though it shows us our sin and guilt that crushed the Lamb of God, yet it also shows His abounding grace and mercy, the immeasurable heights of God’s love that Christ willingly endured all this to save you!

First Word

Second Word

Third Word

Fourth Word

Fifth Word

Sixth Word

Seventh Word

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